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Hose Floats

Collar & Cable Hose Floats

Our hose floats are all chemical resistant
and UV stabilised rotational moulded
from tough top grade polyethylene.

Code DESCRIPTION Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Length Capacity
FL3008 Hose Collar 570mm 1300mm 800mm 850Ltr.
FL3036 Hose Collar* 570mm 1300mm 800mm 850Ltr.
FL3012 Hose Collar 110mm 460mm 508mm 80Ltr.
FL3034 Hose Collar* 110mm 460mm 508mm 80Ltr.
FL3014 Hose Collar 400mm 840mm 800mm 340Ltr.
FL3035 Hose Collar* 400mm 840mm 800mm 340Ltr.
FL3015 Hose Collar 810mm 1300mm 800mm 640Ltr.
FL3117 Hose Collar* 810mm 1300mm 800mm 640Ltr.
FL3016 Hose Collar 750mm 1300mm 800mm 700Ltr.
FL3017 Hose Collar* 750mm 1300mm 800mm 700Ltr.
FL3037 Power/Cable 90mm 460mm 508mm 81Ltr.
FL3019 Power/Cable* 90mm 460mm 508mm 81Ltr.
FL3031 Hose Collar 500mm 840mm 800mm 280Ltr.
FL3032 Hose Collar* 500mm 840mm 800mm 280Ltr.
FL3013 Hose Collar 300mm 700mm 600mm 180Ltr.
FL3033 Hose Collar* 300mm 700mm 600mm 180Ltr.
*Foam Filled with Polyurethane
  Made in two sections that can be either bolted or strapped together around the hose or pipe.
An internal groove enables the fitment of spacers or sleeves to adjust for pipe fitment or compression clamping
on the hose while offering a recess location for the hose.
Floats have the option of polyurethane foam filling.
Capacity is based on fully submerged float.
Standard Colour – Orange. Other colour options are available.
Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers included.
High impact and UV resistant Polyethylene construction
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